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4 April 2019 - Dr. Zubair Doolarkhan

Endoscopic Ear Surgery "The Game Changer in Middle Ear Surgery"

It is a non-invasive approach to complex middle ear disease.

Endoscopic ear surgery is a new modality being utilised to deal with middle ear disease. In recent times most patients who have had surgery to the ear for Chronic Otitis Media; Cholesteatoma; Otosclerosis or other middle ear problems would most often get a cut behind the ear. These cuts are made to improve the access and vision of the operative field.

With the advent of new technology, it is possible to have a superb view of the deep middle ear without these cuts. The ear surgeon removes less normal tissue to address the disease. The risk of damage to important structures is decreased due to improved visualisation.  

1. Fewer skin cuts
2. Quicker healing
3. Shorter hospital stay
4. Better visualisation for the surgeon 

In addition it is an excellent teaching tool and especially increases the insight of theatre staff with regards to middle ear procedures and improves theatre time and efficiency.

The International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery is an international  group assisting ear surgeons to familiarise themselves with this tool and offer their patients the latest management for their ear disease. 

Dr Zubair Doolarkhan is one of the pioneers of endoscopic ear surgery in South Africa and the only Southern African member of the I.W.G.E.E.S. (International Working Group on Endo Ear Surgery). He is actively involved in assisting other E.N.T. surgeons throughout the country to familiarise themselves with this tool. He is based at the Melomed Bellville Hospital.

Watch his You Tube Channel "DR ZUBAIR DOOLARKHAN" for me ground-breaking interventions


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