Melomed COVID19 Information

Melomed takes this opportunity to salute and thank all our Healthcare Workers who are currently on the front line providing the best healthcare service to our patients. The Covid-19 pandemic is a dynamic, ever evolving one which has changed the way the entire industry operates.

We at Melomed have adapted and improved all aspects of our hospital environment to ensure the utmost care is taken in securing your safety and well-being. We are therefore fully operational to continue offering affordable, quality healthcare.

  • Melomed has followed international best practices and gone over and above the required precautionary measures to ensure that our hospitals are safe for all persons.

  • Melomed Hospitals and Emergency Centres are equipped to deal with both Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 related cases in separated and dedicated areas.

  • Each patient who presents for admission is required to have a COVID-19 test conducted. Specialists have been informed about the processes involved and can discuss this with you in more detail.

  • Hospital entrances have been streamlined with strict and stringent screening processes being undertaken for all persons entering each facility. All Melomed Hospitals are "Mask only" hospitals.

  • All staff have been trained in infection control precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other infections.

  • Intensive cleaning rounds have been implemented and all areas are cleaned thoroughly in-between patients

  • Our Hospital Visiting Hours policy has been strictly amended in line with international best practices to limit the risk of transmission.

  • All persons within a hospital are required to strenuously, and on a regular basis, wash their hands thoroughly. Stations have been erected for this purpose in the facilities.

  • Strict social distancing protocols have been introduced and enforced within all Melomed facilities.

  • The appropriate personal protective equipment ("PPE") has been provided to all levels of staff in line with the strict protocols of the World Health Organisation, Department of Health and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases.

  • Melomed24 Ambulance Services is fully equipped to transport any COVID-19 patient, and have been allocated strict PPE and appropriate guidelines.

    For any health-related matters, please contact your GP or Specialist Doctor.

    Melomed24 Emergency number: 0800 786 000
  • We Are Ready!

    Melomed is following best international practices and more to keep you safe.

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    Visiting Hours

    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to adjust our visiting rights to patients

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    Health Tips

    Prevention is better than cure and every South African needs to understand best practices to prevent themselves from getting infected.

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    Social Distancing

    It has been proven worldwide that social distaning is key.

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    Pregnancy & Covid-19

    Pregnant and/or just gave birth and have some concerns?

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    Fake News

    A warning for spreading of fake news on social media platforms. Please click here for more information.

    Visit the SA Coronavirus Website

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    Our Melomed24 Emergency Services are Covid-19 ready and available 24/7 to assist you with all emergency medical health care needs.
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