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On the 3rd March 2021, the Melomed Gatesville Vaccination Centre began the roll-out of the Sisonke Johnson & Johnson vaccination programme to the healthcare workers in the Western Cape. The aim was to vaccinate 19 720 healthcare workers over a 10 week period (with a two week pause) - which was successfully achieved.

The outcome of the collaboration with the public and private sector has led to an amazing, innovative and pro-active team which came together at a critical time in healthcare to ensure we execute a well-managed, fully operational vaccination site. We are grateful to all those who showed and proved their commitment towards this important project. We also thank Johnson & Johnson for the vaccines and to Sisonke for their assistance and support.

It was extremely encouraging to have been able to work alongside team members who embraced the task of ensuring that we are able to support the National Department of Health and our country's objectives towards overcoming this pandemic.

This effective vaccine roll-out marks the beginning of the end of this pandemic and Melomed is proud to have played an integral part in this process.

As we close the Melomed Gatesville Vaccination Centre on Saturday the 15th May 2021, we wish the Department of Health a successful and smooth roll-out of phase 2 to the general public.
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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to adjust our visiting rights to patients

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Prevention is better than cure and every South African needs to understand best practices to prevent themselves from getting infected.

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Social Distancing

It has been proven worldwide that social distaning is key.

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Pregnancy & Covid-19

Pregnant and/or just gave birth and have some concerns?

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Fake News

A warning for spreading of fake news on social media platforms. Please click here for more information.

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