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Melobabes Programme

Pregnant? Expecting soon?
join our Melobabes Programme now..
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Melobabes Programme

Pregnant? Expecting soon?
join our Melobabes Programme now..
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What is theMelobabes programme?

Congratulations! Your journey to motherhood is underway. We at Melomed hope that our Melobabes Programme will help you to prepare for this journey by providing you with all the relevant information.

What the Melobabes Programme offers:

  1. Complimentary Antenatal Classes
  2. A special Melomed pregnancy journal to help you keep track of the changes you can expect in your body.
  3. A guided tour of the hospital facilities.
  4. On admission you will also receive a Melomed nappy bag, which contains nappies and a selection of baby toiletries to get you started in the first few days of motherhood.
  5. The option to have a photo of your new baby displayed on our website.
  6. Complimentary informational brochures/pamphlets.
  7. The first immunisation.
  8. Free Instant Registration of Birth at a Melomed Hospital
  9. You and your partner can enjoy the Melodining Experience.
    * Available at selected Melomed Hospitals. Kindly enquire with the Client Service Officer.

Complimentary Pregnancy Journal

The birth of your child is such a powerful and special event, we aim to do everything possible to make your experience a memorable one. The Melomed private hospital group is proud to present the Melobabes baby journal.

What the Melobabes Programme offers

The requirements for Free Instant Registration of Birth at a Melomed Hospital:

  • Melomed Hospitals offer free birth registration services to all mums and dads who had just had their baby delivered at a Melomed Hospital.
  • Registering the birth of your child previously required visiting your closest Home Affairs office and joining long queues to register the birth of your child.
  • At Melomed Hospitals, your newborn can be conveniently registered at the Maternity Ward.Your baby will be instantly registered with Home Affairs and an original copy of the Birth Certificate will be printed and issued free of charge.
  • Please ensure you have the following documentation/information ready before registering your newborn:
    • An original Identity Document.
    • Copy of marriage certificate. If it is a traditional marriage, both parents are required to be present.
    • If the parents are not married and the parents want to use the father's surname, both parents need to be present with their Identity Documents.
    • Kindly note that if the baby is only registered after a year, the mother will have to bring an affidavit stating the reason for not registering the child within 30 days.
  • Should you have any queries with regards to the above information, kindly contact the Client Services Officer or the Department of Home Affairs official at the hospital.