Medical Aid Companies

Many medical aid companies offer several Plans. Certain medical aids, depending on your medical aid plan, may also require that you make a co- payment on admission. It is advisable to contact your medical aid company before admission and discuss your specific Plan's options/benefits/limitations with regards to the medical/surgical procedure in question. Melomed currently sees and accepts all medical aids and options. It is best to consult your medical aid as well during the course of the pregnancy to ascertain if any medical scheme rules and networks have changed.
Please Note
Medical Aid companies require your babys Birth Registration Document and it is therefore imperitave to register your baby onto your Medical Aid as soon as baby is born. Previously, both mum and dad were required to visit their nearest Department of Home Affairs to register their newborn. At Melomed however, we offer *free onsite birth registration, making it far more convenient. To take advantage of this service, please ensure you bring both copies of your ID along.

*at selected facilities - please enquire..
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