Our Nurseries at offer state of the art facilities and is kept and maintained at high medical standards to ensure your child has the best treatment and the cleanest environment. The Nurseries are staffed with highly qualified and trained nurses 24 hours a day to ensure your child has the best possible care at all times.
Neo-Natal ICU

A particularly noteworthy feature of our neo-natal facilities is the inclusion of a neonatal intensive care unit, one of the few in the province. The excellence of this departments staff and equipment has ensured an extremely high success rate in the treatment of ill and premature babies - with our smallest patient weighing in at 470 grams. In recognition of our achievements in this field, other private hospitals often transfer their premature and seriously ill patients to our hospital.

All patients transferred to the Neo-natal facilities receive the best patient care possible. Highly trained and qualified nurses are always available to attend to your young baby's needs. For more information on our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital for more information.
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