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Melomed Private Hospitals first in-house magazine is filled with interesting health information, delicious recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and competitions.

The first edition has already proved to be an invaluable source of information, education, news and even entertainment to Melomed's staff and patients and in an effort to broaden Melomags coverage, we are giving our online readers an equal opportunity to view the publication which we have made available below.

Melomag Issue 31

All about Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Know your options - uterine fibroids, Your first coronary angiogram....

Melomag Issue 30

Excessive Sleepiness, Food Allergies and pregnancy, 4X4 trails and cosy stays, The health benefits of fasting, OTC medicine and kidney disease..

Melomag Issue 29

Giving Birth - Packing a hospital bag. Parenting a newborn - what to expect, medical scheme - myths and facts, Sun safety in schools..

Melomag Issue 28

Neurology - The face of the future, Diabetes During Pregnance - your baby's health, Dialysis options to fit your lifestyle, Depression in the elderly, Know it all - head and neck cancer.

Melomag Issue 27

Know all about irratible bowl syndrome, Asthma - your questions answered, Do you suffer from adult ADHD?, Health risks of child obesity..

Melomag Issue 26

Your Baby - all about blood, How to prepare your child for hospital, Take control of kidney disease, Vaping better than smoking?, Spot a stroke and act fast.

Melomag Issue 25

Ear Aches and Ear Infections, All year resolutions for your family, A silent killer: Brain Aneurysms, Lifes little treasures: born too soon.

Melomag Issue 24

Tips on Surviving Allergy Season, Staying Fit with Kidney Disease, Your Health - Kidney Stones, Fabulous Farmstyle Stalls, Giving Medicine to Children

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