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Melomed Private Hospitals in-house publications are filled with relevant and interesting information pertaining to the entire hospital family and also includes, amongst many other topics, delicious recipies and healthy lifestyle tips.

The first edition proved to be an invaluable source of information, education, news and even entertainment to Melomed's staff and patients and in an effort to broaden Melomags coverage, we are giving our online readers an equal opportunity to view all our publications online.

Melomag Issue 24

Tips on Surviving Allergy Season, Staying Fit with Kidney Disease, Your Health - Kidney Stones, Fabulous Farmstyle Stalls, Giving Medicine to Children

Melomag Issue 23

Caring for Elderly Parents, All about Warts and All, Late pregnancy bleeding, Which is best - walking or running, Watch out for kidney disease.

Melomag Issue 22

Breastfeeding - busting the myths part 2, Beautiful summer feet, How to treat eye allergies, This holiday - how to relax, OTC drug addiction, Why am I tired all the time.

Melomag Issue 21

All about gouts with bout, Do you need an ambulance or a lift?, Busting the Myths - Breastfeeding, The bitter truth about sugar, Seasonal disorder - why we need the Sun.

Melomag Issue 20

Know your Breast Friends, Rheumatology? Our Experts Explain, Burning Fat - The Myths and Maybes, Migraines - a solution to your work(able) problem, Stress - How it hurts your body.

Melomag Issue 19

Birthing options - Which is better?, Make over your luncbhox, A brief overview of thyroid disorders, Understanding Acne, Be safe near water this summer, Secrets to a good nights sleep.

Melomag Issue 18

Low carb or low fat diets, which is right? Summer Safety Tips. What is a coronary angiography? Movember = Mens Health, Happy Unplugged Holidays.

Melomag Issue 17

Health Advice: avoid dental decay, Managing stress in our lives, All about diet and heart health, How to child proof your home, Coconut: A good fat as last.

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