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Melomed Private Hospitals in-house publications are filled with relevant and interesting information pertaining to the entire hospital family and also includes, amongst many other topics, delicious recipies and healthy lifestyle tips.

The first edition proved to be an invaluable source of information, education, news and even entertainment to Melomed's staff and patients and in an effort to broaden Melomags coverage, we are giving our online readers an equal opportunity to view all our publications online.
Melomag Issue 16

In the know HPV - cancer causing virus, Grab-and-go breakfast ideas, Useful facts on Flu Season, Melomed Gatesville celebrates 25 years of affordable quality healthcare!

Melomag Issue 15

Health advice: Meningitis in children, All about obesity in pregnancy, Probiotics: Fad or Wonder?, Matters of the heart, Colic and your baby, Back to school health checks

Melomag Issue 14

All about diabetes and your eyes. Healthy gifts for everyone and the dog! Silent addiction to everyday medicines. It's the season to be jolly?

Melomag Issue 13

Heart Attackes Explained. Need for air, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Eye myths and their truth. Health benefits of chocolate.

Melomag Issue 12

Tips to beat the Flu. The real deal on chicken pox. What is your magic number? Emphysema: All you need to know.

Melomag Issue 11

Is your child a picky eater? 8 Tips to ensure an optimal mammogram. Sunflower fund, help save a life today. Reflux in Children, know what to do. All about Vascular Care.

Melomag Issue 10

Create a happy family. Fitness tips for teens on the move. Common ailments during pregnancy. How to get a healthy start to your day. Your "mammy" can be a life saver.

Melomag Issue 9

Handy medical directory inside .Colorectal cancer-Risk Factors & signs. Diabetes & the pros of selfmonitoring. Hepatitis: causes, symptoms and treatment.

Melomag Issue 8

Why you should quit smoking. The epidemic of TB. What is Bipolar Disorder? - Pros & Cons. Planned Parenthood.

Melomag Issue 7

All about childhood obesity. Pregnancy myths & facts. Renal care time to act.

Melomag Issue 6

Children & coughing - know what to do. Breast cancer awareness. Kidney failure warning. All about worlds AIDS Day & HIV. Your "mammy" can be a life saver.

Melomag Issue 5

Soduim: a good thing in moderation. Heart Health and your family. Know it all: Immunisation of your children. Winter soup inside. Understanding Alzheimer's disease. Free health guide!

Melomag Issue 4

Smoking and the danger to your kungs. Drugs on the street-know the signs. ALL about epilepsy. Soothe your headache naturally.

Melomag Issue 3

Back-to-school ailments? All about pregnancy. Play it safe at school.

Melomag Issue 2

Your eyes &the sun. Migraine or headache? All the facts about kids on the beach. Brain foods to help you concentrate. All about Breast Cancer.

Melomag Issue 1

Immune system on standby. First at the scene: Know what to do. Measles-the INS and outs. Pain-symptoms & medical relief. Know all about Colds & Flu.

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