Melomed 24 Emergency Ambulance Services

Melomed 24 Emergency Ambulance Services

Melomed24 is the first private ambulance service to be permanently based on the Cape Flats. In the event of a patient requiring urgent medical care, Melomed hospitals were previously being bypassed and patients were transported to a distant hospital. It goes without saying that this practice not only compromised the patient's health but also inconvenienced the family. The need for immediate access to an ambulance network on the Cape Flats gave rise to Melomed24. Melomed's 24hour ambulance services were launched in November 2003. The ambulance service provides immediate definitive medical care and reliable emergency medical-transport service to the previously disadvantaged community living in the Cape Flats and surrounding areas. It is the only private ambulance service that operates on a full time basis on the greater Cape Flats and surrounding areas, offering convenience and accessibility.

The ambulance unit boasts modern ambulances equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical-emergency equipment. The unit includes a fully equipped rescue vehicle and together has the ability to deal with any medical emergency 24 hours a day. Once again Melomed24 brings new hope to the community. Trained paramedics manage and operate the ambulance service. Paramedics are trained to offer basic life support, intermediate life support, and advanced life support and more recently advanced medical rescue. The fleet currently consists of eight ambulances and one fully equipped rescue vehicle encompassing the latest extrication equipment for motor vehicle accidents cable of also assisting in mountain rescue and fire rescue. Melomed 24 caters for all medical aids and private patients, injury on duty (WCA/COIDA) and also offers emergency medical standby services for community events.

Our Services Include:

24-hour access to the Melomed emergency call centre
Dispatch of emergency response vehicles
Emergency telephonic advice
Information hotline
Medical transportation
Inter-hospital transfers
Special Events (EMS)
Preferred Service providers to EMS contractors, such as: - Euro Assist, ISOS and SANDF
Medical repatriation
In-hospital medical monitoring
Compassionate visits
Repatriation of mortal remains
Motor vehicle accidents
Emergency medical services
Medical rescue services
EMS for the: PSL
City of Cape Town
Transnet Cape Town and Saldanha Ports

24hr Emergency Unit

Our Emergency Units are open 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Our units are equipped with the latest in medical technology and are backed by skilled doctors and nurses.