Melomed 24 Emergency Medical Services - Services Offered

Corporate Social Initiative

Melomed Private Hospitals, together with the team at Melomed 24 provides essential medical services in South Africa. Our team at the various Melomed hospitals and Melomed 24 Emergency Services service approximately 5 million members of the previously disadvantaged community who often exhibit needs that the rest of society takes for granted. Lack of numeracy, literacy, proper nutrition and recreational amenities to name a few, are such examples.

Over the years that Melomed has operated in these disadvantaged communities, our company has become increasingly aware of these needs and has whenever possible, made interventions to alleviate some of those needs to a certain degree. Melomed Private Hospitals finds it necessary to develop a social responsibility programme that serves the communities, as it feels it incumbent that it ploughs back some of the benefits derived from the surrounding society.

By assisting in improving the quality of life for those less fortunate, it will be helping to forge a more equitable and a less discriminatory South African society. Melomed Private Hospitals, together with the team at Melomed 24 is in the fortunate position that is has built up considerable experience in promoting and conducting social responsibility initiatives through various programmes.